Sergio Minnici

Latest Works

Chandler & Jack

La Foce

Tuscany (Italy)
Tiffany & Sid

Villa Pizzo and Villa Geno

Lake Como (Italy)
Claudia & Randy

Villa Cipressi

Lake Como (Italy)
Vishruti & Karan

Borgo Vignamaggio

Tuscany (Italy)
Tom & Abi

Castello di Rosciano

Rachel & Peter

La Foce

Behind the scenes

Capturing Your
Unique Story

Every Wedding Film we craft is a true reflection of your essence and individuality, meticulously tailored to encapsulate the intimate moments and unique love story that define you as a couple.

Unveiling My Style

Inspired by diverse worlds and experiences, my unique style effortlessly captures the authentic essence of who you are as a couple.
Embracing your freedom to express, I preserve candid moments without imposing any constraints, resulting in a seamless and genuine reflection of your love in the final product, your Wedding Film.

Innovation in Motion

Uncovering My Techniques and Gear

With over two decades of videography experience since 2001, I have witnessed the evolution of digital video and worked with a wide range of equipment.
In Wedding Videography, I choose to work with Cinema Cameras, blending digital technology with the timeless aesthetic of Traditional Films.
Employing manual Cinema Lenses and a genuine High-End Film Camera, I strive to create a distinctive result that sets me apart.
My approach is more akin to a cinematic production than a digital assembly line, ensuring a unique and artisanal Wedding film. From capturing moments to post-production, I meticulously craft each clip using professional software for precise color grading.
My goal is to deliver a timeless and elegant Wedding Film, encapsulating the essence of a true Cinematic Experience.

Preserve the Moments of Your Special Day

Your wedding day is filled with beautiful moments and emotions that deserve to be cherished forever. Let me capture those precious memories for you. With a keen eye for detail and a genuine passion for storytelling, I’ll document your love story, reflecting the unique journey you’ve taken together. Contact me today to be a part of your celebration and create timeless keepsakes you’ll treasure forever.



From Madrid to Italy and beyond,
my lens knows no bounds
I’m here, ready to travel the world
and capture the magic of your Wedding.