Sergio Minnici

Born in Germany and raised between Italy and Spain, my thrilling journey into the world of Videomaking was fueled by my passion for Skateboarding. This vibrant background not only allowed me to explore diverse landscapes but also gifted me with a unique perspective that I seamlessly adapt to capture unforgettable moments.

Skateboarding taught me to transcend the surface, embracing the unseen details and fearlessly immersing myself in new cultures. As an explorer, I find immense inspiration and joy in traveling the globe, delving into diverse cultures and discovering new destinations. This constant exploration fuels my creativity and ignites my zest for life.

From a young age, I have been immersed in the world of concerts and festivals, constantly seeking out extraordinary and captivating musical experiences. I have a profound appreciation for talented alternative artists who push boundaries and resist commercialization. Similar to the unwritten rule of Skateboarding’s “NBD” (Never Been Done), I always strive to find something unique and avoid the trappings of the mainstream.

Drawing from my diverse experiences and ventures across various video industries, I bring an unconventional and captivating touch to the Art of Storytelling. Through my journey, I seamlessly transitioned from childhood sketches to the medium of video, harnessing the art of observation, capturing emotions, and communicating through visuals. As I honed my skills in drawing, I discovered that the medium of videography provided an expanded canvas to express emotions and convey narratives. It amplified my passion for storytelling, enabling me to craft captivating visual narratives that deeply resonate with viewers.

David Lynch once said that whenever we create something, be it a painting or a film, we start with multiple ideas, but it is often our past that reinvents and transforms them. The past inevitably influences new ideas. Well, in my Films there is what I see and feel, there is the encounter between people and their emotions but I am there too, with my life spent between Italy and Spain and my Skateboard. This adds a unique dimension and personality to what I create.